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How to choose sunscreen for different skin types

Choosing the right sunscreen is very important for people with different skin types, it can better protect the skin and avoid sun damage.
For oily and combination skin types, light and oil-resistant sunscreens are recommended. This type of skin is prone to oil and sweat due to active oil glands. Using too thick sunscreen will clog pores, resulting in oily skin and acne. Therefore, it is more appropriate to choose a sunscreen that absorbs quickly, provides breathability and oil control effects. SPF recommended between 30-50.
For dry skin, you need to choose a moisturizing and moisturizing sunscreen. Since this type of skin has less fat and moisture, the use of ordinary sunscreen may cause tightness and irritation, aggravating the skin’s moisture loss. Choose anti-aging, high moisturizing sunscreens that contain botanical oils and humectants, which are great at moisturizing the skin and protecting against sun damage. SPF 30-50 is recommended, and liquid Foundtion can be added to the cream to enhance coverage.
For sensitive skin, it is more pleasant to choose a fragrance-free and mild sunscreen. The chemicals and preservatives in sunscreens can irritate sensitive skin and cause rashes or acne. Therefore, choosing a sunscreen with limited chemical-free ingredients, low viscosity and mild skin can effectively relieve allergic reactions. It is recommended to choose sunscreens with organic natural ingredients, neutral pH, specially designed for babies, and SPF below 30.
No matter what kind of skin type, you need to choose a broad-spectrum sunscreen with a sun protection factor of SPF30 or above, and it can protect against vertical and oblique UV rays. Regular application of sunscreen, along with sun protection measures such as hats and umbrellas, is the cornerstone of healthy skin. Choose different sunscreens for different skin types in order to exert their maximum protective effect and allow you to enjoy the sun without worry.

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