Shiseido Group Analysis

As a representative cosmetics brand and group in Japan, Shiseido’s product line covers the fields of cosmetics, personal care and beauty equipment. As a giant in the cosmetics industry, Shiseido products have significant advantages in technology and quality.
The Shiseido brand has a market share of about 70% in Japan, and is also deeply influential in overseas markets. Among them, high-end makeup and skin care brands SHISEIDO and Yuanzuo series are highly sought after by mid-to-high-end consumers. Shiseido also owns Senka and Pixar, brands with Japanese local cultural genes, which go deep into life and cover various consumption scenarios. At the same time, it also has a sub-brand Shiseido Men that focuses on men’s care.
Shiseido Group has more than 30 brands in the world, forming a comprehensive brand system. The product technology is also leading in the industry, with unique skin care technology and in-depth research and development capabilities for different skin types. In fiscal year 2019, Shiseido’s R&D investment was as high as 32 billion yen, accounting for about 3.5%.
In the future, Shiseido’s overseas market still has great growth potential. The brand plans to further increase its promotion efforts in China and emerging markets to explore potential demand. In terms of products, it will also focus on high-tech, high-value and personalized products. As a giant in the field of cosmetics, Shiseido has the strength to continue to consolidate and expand its industry position, leading the upgrade of cosmetics consumption and technology

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