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Native American Makeup Brands

There are many local cosmetic brands in the United States, and a few representative brands are recommended below:
1. Clinique: Clinique’s products are mild, non-irritating and neutral. The price is mid-range, and they are deeply loved by local consumers. Representative products include yellow suspension and super repair cream.
2. Bobbi Brown: Bobbi Brown mainly provides natural beauty makeup and teaches makeup skills. Its products focus on matching yellow skin colors, with mid-to-high-end prices and excellent reputation. It is a well-known American makeup godfather brand.
3. bareMinerals: Beauty Minerals is positioned as offering natural mineral cosmetics products. The products focus on no additives and skin care effects. The prices are mid-range. They are highly sought after by local natural beauty lovers. Representative products include turquoise powder and rose stone lipstick.
4. Tarte: Tahime, the products are oriented by plant extraction and environmental protection, the price is mid-to-high end, and they pay attention to the natural and skin care properties of the product.
5. butter LONDON: Butter London, an urban women’s brand mainly offering high-quality nail polish & lipstick products. The products choose high-quality natural ingredients and environmentally friendly formulas, and the prices are mid-range, which is very popular among urban women consumers.
6. Urban Decay: Urban Decay, an urban trendy brand that mainly focuses on rock makeup and provided bold color makeup products. The products are of high quality and mid-to-high-end prices, and are deeply admired by urban women. Representative products include all-weather makeup concealer and alcohol God blush.
7. Stila: Stila’s products are cost-effective and vacation makeup-oriented. It chooses refreshing and sexy makeup colors, and the price is affordable. It is very popular among young female consumers. Representative products include convertible color blush and spring lip gloss.
The above brands have their own positioning, but they are all deeply loved and supported by American consumers, and the product quality is also well-recognized. It is worth a try for overseas consumers.

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