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Daily question: Do you know how to control oil?

For oily skin, oil control is a very important part. Mainly take the following measures to control oil:
1. Choose a cleanser for oily skin. Opt for a purifying foam, scrub, or acidic cleanser that will deep clean pores and draw out excess sebum. Rinse thoroughly after cleansing to prevent residue.
2. Use oil-absorbing and oil-controlling products during the day. You can choose face cream or segregation cream containing diatomaceous earth, opal powder, condensed polyethylene glycol sodium stearate and other ingredients. Blot the face about every 4-6 hours to absorb excess sebum.
3. Use the mask properly. Use a clarifying or pore-shrinking mask 1-2 times a week to purify the skin and regulate the oil-water balance. But avoid daily or excessive use of the mask as it may irritate the skin.
4. Choose breathable and non-greasy cosmetics. Avoid cosmetics based on mineral oil, and choose concealer products and sunscreens with ingredients such as silicic acid and rhodiola. The foundation should choose a refreshing and oil-controlling type to avoid being too thick.
5. Adjustment of living habits. Doing more exercise to promote blood circulation, bathing with warm water instead of hot water, and reducing the intake of spicy food can help control sebum secretion.
6. Regular deep cleaning. Do deep cleansing 1-2 times a week, use scrub or acidic products to remove blackheads and cutin, so as to achieve the purpose of oil control and skin cleansing.
To sum up, it is necessary to formulate a complete oil control plan for oily skin. Choosing ideal skin care products, cultivating good living habits, and regular deep cleansing are the keys to controlling oily skin and avoiding acne and skin texture problems. Adhere to these measures, oily skin is sure to revitalize and brighten.

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