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Causes of spots on different parts of the face

The main causes of freckles on the face are as follows:
Excessive sunlight exposure: Long-term exposure of the face to strong ultraviolet rays will increase the production of melanin and lead to the formation of spots. The solution is to avoid the sun and take sun protection measures when going out.
Hormone level changes: For example, fluctuations in hormone levels during puberty, pregnancy and menopause will promote melanin production and cause pigmentation. The solution is to adjust hormone levels through drugs to keep them stable.
Liver function problems: Impaired liver function will lead to pigment metabolism disorders and pigmentation. The solution is to improve liver function through dietary conditioning or drugs.
Elevated testosterone levels: Elevated testosterone levels in men can also cause dark spots, especially in the beard area. The solution is to appropriately reduce testosterone synthesis and topical anti-pigmentation compounds.
Pantothenic acid constitution: people with an acidic constitution are more likely to develop spots. The solution is to habitually take some Chinese patent medicines to regulate the constitution and adjust the constitution.
Poor microcirculation: If the blood circulation in a certain part is not good, the pigment in this part is also difficult to metabolize in time, resulting in the formation of stains. The solution is to strengthen local blood circulation through massage and other means.
Improper use of cosmetics: For example, the use of poor-quality photosensitive sunscreens with low SPF and improper use methods can also induce pigmentation. The solution is to choose high-quality sunscreen cosmetics with high SPF and standardize the use methods.
In short, in order to radically cure facial pigmentation, it is necessary to find the root mechanism of pigmentation and adopt targeted skin care and conditioning methods to improve it. Regular maintenance, strict protection from the sun, choosing formaldehyde sunscreen cosmetics, and improving the living environment and lifestyle can truly achieve the effect of eliminating or lightening facial pigmentation.

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