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Facial Poses for Sensitive Skin

People with sensitive skin should pay special attention to the details of face care, otherwise it is prone to various problems. The main points of facial care for sensitive skin are as follows:
First, gentle cleansing. Choose fragrance- and alcohol-free makeup removers and facial cleansers to clean without irritating the skin. Optional brands such as Biotherm, Clarins and La Roche-Posay, etc.
Second, hydrating and moisturizing. Sensitive skin needs to strengthen hydration and moisturizing, choose gel or lotion texture without additives, and perform multi-layer coverage. Choose products containing propolis, sheep placenta or eucalyptus extracts to restore and soothe.
Third, regular repairs. 1-2 weeks for deep cleansing and repairing, choose honey mask or lactic acid smile mask for deep moisturizing and repairing, but the premise is that you are not sensitive to the ingredients.
Fourth, avoid stimulating care. Potentially irritating treatments such as acidic products, exfoliating scrubs or steam are not recommended. Acidic products are highly effective but too irritating, and steam may also contribute to an inflammatory response.

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