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Cool and fresh sea special mask good

In the hot summer, the skin is prone to various problems, such as acne, thickened stratum corneum, and sunburn. At this time, it will be a very wise choice to use a mask that is cool, fresh and moisturizing.

Functional seaweed mask: rich in seaweed essence, it can effectively control oil, balance skin water-oil ratio, and improve acne and other problems. Amazon’s popular mask Aztec Secrets Indian Healing Clay is a typical product, with bentonite as the main ingredient, which can deeply clean pores.

Coral Essence Mask: Coral essence can nourish the skin and anti-aging effects, suitable for all kinds of skin. The film of coreana’s coral face has almost zero irritation, rich in antioxidant and moisturizing ingredients such as glucan, which comforts sensitive skin while providing active oxygen.

Seawater Mineral Mask: Rich in marine minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, etc., it can supplement trace elements of the skin, improve skin moisture retention and elasticity. Thalgo’s marine mask from France focuses on seawater minerals to fight skin aging and is suitable for all skin types.

Alginic acid mask: Alginic acid can effectively improve skin elasticity and moisture, suitable for dry and aging skin. Famous brands include La mer and Orlane’s alginic acid mask, which has an immediate lifting and firming effect and is a popular choice.

In short, in the hot summer, choose a mask rich in marine ingredients, which can refresh and soothe the skin, allowing you to enjoy a warm and comfortable summer. Use a good quality mask, so that you have a healthy skin, show a confident and charming smile, and embrace every minute and every second of life!

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