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Problems needing attention when using mask

Although the mask has the effect of skin care, you need to pay attention to some problems when using it, otherwise it may cause damage to the skin. The following points need attention:
Choose a mask brand and product that suits you. If you are allergic to a certain ingredient, carefully choose a mask without that ingredient to avoid allergies.
Use as directed. The use time of the mask is generally 15-30 minutes, and it should not be too long to prevent excessive moisture from damaging the skin barrier. Wash it off in time after use, and don’t leave it on your face to sleep.
Don’t do it too often. Generally 2-3 times a week is appropriate, too frequent will make the skin dependent, weaken the skin’s self-repair function, but not conducive to skin health.
Do not use a certain type for a long time. Skin needs are different in different seasons, and the choice of mask also needs to be changed. Long-term use of a certain type of mask will cause the skin to get used to it and weaken the effect.
Don’t neglect your skin care routine. Masks are only temporarily replenishing moisture and nutrition, and more importantly, daily skin care. If daily moisturizing and cleansing are neglected, the effect of the mask will not last.
As a skin care method to temporarily maintain and brighten the skin, the mask’s lasting effect depends on the strictness of daily skin care.

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