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Salad Is good for health

I’m a nutritionist and I often recommend salads to my clients. Because salads are nutritious and good for me personally.
Every time I go out to buy ingredients, I always deliberately buy more fresh vegetables and fruits for making delicious salads. I can choose different dishes and seasonings to keep innovating according to my personal preferences and seasonal ingredients, so that I won’t get tired of eating for a long time, and I can also ensure balanced nutrition.
After eating the salad, I feel my body is much lighter and my skin is bright and elastic. This is all thanks to the antioxidants and other trace elements in the salad. I know the importance of salad, so no matter work or life, I will eat a nutritious and delicious salad almost every day.
In my opinion, salad is not just a dish, but also an important way for me to maintain my health every day. I hope that more people, like me, know the nutritional meaning and deliciousness of salad. If you want to ask me my favorite dish, salad must be on the list!
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