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Precautions and care of eyeliner

In addition to choosing the right eyeliner product, the correct care and use of eyeliner is also very important. Here are some dos and don’ts and care tips:

Avoid excessive use of eyeliner: Excessive use of eyeliner can overburden the eye area, causing irritation and discomfort. Apply eyeliner in moderation, avoid over application and reapplication.

Regularly replace eyeliner products: eyeliner products are prone to bacteria, it is recommended to replace eyeliner products regularly, and avoid using expired or unused eyeliner for a long time.

Pay attention to eye hygiene: Before using eyeliner, make sure your hands and eyeliner tools are clean. Avoid getting eyeliner or eyeliner brushes in your eyes to prevent bacterial infection.

Avoid excessive pulling on the eye skin: When applying eyeliner, avoid pulling the eyelids too hard. Gently draw the eyeliner at the root of the eyelashes to avoid unnecessary damage to the eye skin.

Protects the eye area: Eyeliner products may dry out or irritate the eye area. Before using eyeliner, you can apply eye moisturizer or eye essence to protect the moisture and softness of the eye skin.

Remember, choosing the right eyeliner products, mastering the correct use skills, and paying attention to eye skin care can make eye makeup more colorful and protect eye health at the same time.

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