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Eyeliner selection and application skills

Eyeliner is one of the important steps in creating a glamorous eye makeup, which can enhance the eye contour and express the expression. Here are some tips and tricks for choosing and using eyeliner:

Eyeliner type selection: Eyeliner usually has different types such as liquid eyeliner, eyeliner, eyeliner and eyeliner. Choose the right eyeliner type according to your personal preference and makeup skills.

Color choice: Classic black is the most common eyeliner color, suitable for almost all occasions. In addition, you can also choose other colors such as brown, gray and purple according to the eye makeup effect and personal preference.

Tips for use: When using the eyeliner, you can rest your elbows on the tabletop for more stable hand control. Starting from the corner of the eye, lightly draw a smooth line along the lash line. You can choose to draw thin lines or thick cat’s eye effects according to your needs.

Enhanced durability: In order to increase the durability of the eyeliner, you can use the eye primer before drawing the eyeliner to make the eye skin smoother. In addition, you can also use eyeliner or powder eyeshadow to gently sweep the eyeliner after drawing the eyeliner to improve durability and prevent smudging.

Importance of makeup removal: Use mild eye makeup remover products to remove eyeliner thoroughly every night, so as to avoid irritation and damage to eye skin caused by long-term accumulated makeup residue.

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