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High-end brands of men’s cosmetics

Different from women’s cosmetics brands, men’s cosmetics brands pay more attention to high-quality products, low-key luxury and no sense of fashion. Here are a few high-end men’s cosmetics brands:
1. Tom Ford: Tom Ford is a high-end designer brand for men. Its high-tech and low-key luxury men’s skin care and perfume products are very popular among men. Representative products include clarinet lipstick and private customized perfume.
2. Ralph Lauren: Ralph Lauren, a designer brand that emphasizes both klassic and luxury styles, its Man series of men’s skin care and fragrance products are known for their high-quality formulas and elegant packaging, and are favored by business men.
3. Dr.Ci:Labo: A brand focusing on men’s skin care. Its products use high-tech ingredients and high-quality natural plant extracts. Representative products include VC100 extremely concentrated essence and plant extract deep cleansing gel.
4. CREED: A luxury cologne brand with a history of more than 250 years. Its high-end perfumes are made of the highest quality natural extracts and long-term brewing techniques. The products are expensive but loved by princes and nobles.
5. SHISEIDO: Shiseido, a Japanese cosmetics giant with high-tech skin care and product R&D capabilities, its luxury series of men’s products are represented by Ultimune Essence and Future Solution LX series of skin care products.
6. SK-II: Immortal Essence, a high-tech brand focusing on skin care for Asian men and women. Its newly launched PITERA ESSENCE men’s series products are very popular among urban white-collar men. It uses a new formula to meet the characteristics of men’s skin.
7. LAB SERIES: A series of men’s skin care products developed by Estée Lauder, a famous cosmetics brand of Estée Lauder Group. The products are high-tech and functional-oriented, and are deeply loved by handsome urban men.
8. Priori: Priori is a clinically proven high-end skin care brand. Its products use the most advanced anti-aging ingredients and high-purity vitamin supplements, which can effectively improve the signs of skin aging and firming and shaping. It is highly sought after for high-tech skin care products. consumers love.
Although the above brands have different positionings, they have one thing in common: high-quality products and full of personality, which are suitable for men who have higher budget needs and pursue high-quality products.

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