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Emergency treatment for men after sex

Men also need proper emergency management after sex, which helps protect reproductive and sexual health.
The first is to clean the genitals in time. Washing the genitals thoroughly with warm water can remove body fluids and bacteria, effectively reducing the risk of infection. Wash gently to avoid irritating the skin.
The second is to empty the bladder in time. Urinate in time after washing to reduce the bacteria remaining in the urethra. This prevents STDs as well as urinary tract infections.
The third can use a protective phylac device. You can use a protective film or condom to protect the vulva after sex, absorb the remaining body fluids, etc., and buy time for subsequent cleaning. But don’t rely too much on it.
Fourth, closely observe genital symptoms. About a week after sex, pay attention to whether the genitals have obvious signs of inflammation, prolapse of unknown fluid, etc. Once there is an abnormality, go to the andrology department for examination in time.
The fifth is to take the emergency contraceptive pill. If contraceptive failure occurs or contraceptive measures are not taken, men should take emergency contraception within 24 hours after sex or advise their female partners to take it to avoid pregnancy to the greatest extent.
Proper washing, protection and observation of men after sex can effectively reduce reproductive system problems and STD transmission

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