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Preventive health care for women’s common diseases

Women face various health problems during different menstrual periods, and should pay attention to disease prevention and health care. Here are some preventive measures for several common diseases:
Breast cancer: breast self-examination every month from the age of 20, regular breast ultrasound and tumor marker examination. Avoid high-fat foods and exercise regularly.
Uterine fibroids: regular gynecological examination, ultrasound monitoring of uterine and ovarian conditions. Supplement iron and hemoglobin to improve anemia.
Endometriosis: Routine gynecological examination, ultrasound monitoring of endometrial status. Exercise moderately, lose weight and control body mass index. Avoid overwork and stress.
Osteoporosis: regular bone density checks to judge bone loss. Supplement calcium and vitamin D, and choose a higher dose formula for long-term supplementation. Regular exercise increases bone density.
Menopausal syndrome: pay close attention to changes in physical condition. Appropriate exercise and diet adjustments. You can choose a milder comprehensive treatment plan, supplemented by acupuncture and Chinese medicine conditioning.
Women should pay attention to health management and disease prevention, which must not be ignored. It is necessary to take corresponding health care measures according to one’s own physiological cycle, regular physical examination and examination, correct irregular life schedule, improve psychology and emotion, and prevent the occurrence of diseases. Beauty comes from health, and health should be the pursuit of life.

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