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Emergency treatment for women after sex

Emergency treatment after sex is especially important for women, which can effectively avoid many health problems.
First of all, clean the vulva in time. Washing the vulva with warm water can effectively remove body fluids and bacteria, reducing the risk of infection. The cleaning process should be gentle to avoid irritating the skin.
Then empty your bladder promptly. Empty the bladder as soon as possible after sex to reduce the chance of bacteria entering the urethra and prevent urinary tract infections.
Use pads or tampons. After sex, an appropriate amount of pads or tampons can be placed to absorb the remaining body fluids and keep the reproductive system clean. But don’t rely too much on it, so as not to affect the balance of the vaginal environment.
Supplement with probiotics. Oral administration of pills or beverages containing probiotics can supplement normal vaginal flora and maintain vaginal microecological balance.
Take birth control pills. If you are not using any contraceptive measures, you should take emergency contraceptive pills within 24 hours after sex to prevent unwanted pregnancy.
Watch for associated symptoms. Within a week after sex, pay close attention to whether there are symptoms such as inflammation and abnormal prolapse fluid in the vulva or reproductive system, and seek medical treatment in time.
Coping after sex is especially important for women’s reproductive health. To develop good habits of washing, urinating, and observing, and to take measures such as emergency contraception and supplementing probiotics, can the occurrence of reproductive tract infection and other problems be avoided to the greatest extent, and the safety and health of sexual life can be guaranteed.

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