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Matters needing attention when using lipstick

Lipstick can be used to change the style of makeup, but there are some points to pay attention to to ensure the best effect of lipstick:
Choose a high-quality lipstick with a delicate texture. Lipstick with poor quality is uneven, easy to gather in lip lines, and the color is dull.
Moisturize ahead of time with lip balm or lip balm. Moisturized lips are more resilient, the color is more evenly applied, and the effect is better. But using too thick lip cream will affect the durability of lipstick.
Exfoliates dead skin before setting makeup. Use softening sugar or a toothbrush to gently brush away the dead skin on the lips, which will help the lipstick to apply more evenly and have a more natural effect.
Choose the lipstick shape according to the lip shape. For full lips, choose a regular shape, and for thin lips, you can choose to increase the size or apply it 1-2mm outside the lips to make the lips look fuller.
It is reasonable to blot dry lip color. The edge should be blotted according to the actual effect, too much will lose its nature, too little color will not be able to shape. Generally 2-3 times of absorption is appropriate.
Set with a colorless lip mask or powder. Styling helps the lipstick last, but choose a colorless cream or powder that matches the lipstick number so as not to affect the true color of the lipstick.
Ditch aging lipstick. Lipstick also has a shelf life, expired lipstick color will be distorted, may irritate the skin, should be cleaned and replaced regularly.
When using lipstick, you need to pay attention to lip maintenance. Dry or chapped lips will affect the effect of lipstick. Only keep lips soft and moist

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