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Common plant extracts and their effects

Common plant extracts and their main functions are as follows:
1. Jasmine flower extract: It mainly contains geraniol, linalool and other ingredients, which have antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and soothing effects, and are often used to make perfume and skin care products.
2. Rose flower extract: Rich in vitamin C, anthocyanins, etc., it has whitening, moisturizing, firming and wrinkle-removing effects, and is usually used in beauty and skin care products.
3. Seaweed extract: Such as algae extract, rich in glycogen, protein, minerals and trace elements, has powerful moisturizing, anti-aging and promoting collagen production effects.
4. Green tea extract: It has the effect of anti-oxidation and reducing melanin production, and is often used in sunscreen and phototherapy products.
5. Grape seed extract: rich in antioxidant substances such as OPC, it has anti-aging, whitening and firming effects, and is used in various skin care products.
6. Green tea extract: Rich in tea polyphenols, it has anti-oxidation, anti-inflammatory and astringent effects, and is used in anti-acne, anti-yellowing and whitening products.
7. Thyme extract: It has the effects of antibacterial, anti-acne and astringent pores, and is used in anti-acne and anti-yellowing products.
8. Lavender extract: It has soothing, soft, anti-allergic and deodorant effects, and is used in various skin care products and perfumes.
9. Sandalwood extract: It has the effects of antibacterial, deodorant, memory enhancement and cardiovascular health care, and is used in perfumes, aromatherapy products and certain health care products.
The above lists only a few common plant extracts and their main functions. There are many kinds of plants, and their extracts and functions are also very rich. Plant extracts are widely used in the beauty and health care products industry, and are favored by consumers for their safety and natural origin. Hopefully this information has given you an overview and understanding of commonly used botanical extracts. If you need more information about plant essences, welcome to ask questions, and I will give you more detailed answers

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