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Chilling with friends

Last weekend, I went on a country vacation with a few friends, and spent the whole weekend together very relaxed and happy. We rented a holiday villa, bought ingredients together, cooked food at home, and chatted while eating. It was really a very chilling time.
The villa we rented is located at the foot of the mountain, and the surrounding environment is very beautiful. After arriving at the villa, the first thing is to purchase ingredients and cook dinner. We drove to the local supermarket together, purchased grilled chicken, seafood, vegetables, etc., and then returned to the open kitchen of the villa to chat while preparing cooking. With the division of labor and cooperation of several people, delicious dinners were exported individually soon.
After dinner is free chat time. We sat in hammocks and lounge chairs in the backyard, drinking and talking. They chatted until late, almost talking about everything from trivial matters to life ideals. The most memorable thing is that the few of us lay on the lawn and looked at the stars, sharing our inner thoughts while pointing at the stars.
Woke up very late the next day, made breakfast together and continued chatting. At noon, I chose to have lunch at a nearby restaurant, and then purchased drinks and snacks in the supermarket and returned to the villa. We spent most of the afternoon playing board games in the living room and chatting occasionally. The whole weekend was leisurely and carefree. Everyone turned off their mobile phones, and each of them wanted to enjoy the fun of getting along with friends.
The weekend passed quickly, and we returned to our respective lives. But this relaxed and pleasant time with friends has become an unforgettable memory. I hope we can get together often in the future and share the most open and casual side of life. Sincere friendship is the element that makes people feel most relaxed and happy.

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