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Enjoying the awesome view of nature

Last week I went to a country cottage by myself for a quiet and relaxing weekend. The hut is located on the top of the mountain, with a quiet and beautiful environment, allowing me to relax completely and enjoy the beauty of nature.
I drove up to my mountain hut early in the morning. The winding mountain road is lined with cloud-shrouded peaks and lush forests. The scenery along the way is pleasant and refreshing. When we arrived at the hut, the sun was just rising, and the golden sunlight illuminated the sky, reflecting on the layers of mountains, so beautiful that people couldn’t take their eyes off.
The facilities in the hut are simple but everything is available. What attracts me the most is the large window facing the outside. I opened the window, and in front of me was the vast mountain scenery and the mountain village hidden in the sea of clouds below. The fresh air mixed with the slight smell of pine needles makes you feel refreshed all at once.
In the early noon, I came to the wooden floor outside the house, enjoying a simple lunch while admiring the mountain scenery in front of me. The birds are singing by the forest, the breeze is blowing, and surrounded by green hills, this kind of comfort really makes people feel happy.
In the afternoon, I chose a book and sat on the rocking chair in the house while reading the book and watching the scenery. Occasionally attracted by the beautiful scenery, put down the book and watch the changing scenery of the mountains. Until the sun sets, the whole mountain is shrouded in a piece of gold, and the last ray of sunlight struggles to go out in the mountains. This beautiful scenery is unforgettable forever.
This is a weekend alone, but I don’t feel lonely or lonely, because I have the company of nature. Enjoy the beauty and tranquility endowed by nature, and let people find the deepest peace in their hearts. I hope to have the opportunity to return to the mountains in the future and experience the freedom and joy from nature. pudding bonbon.

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