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Tips for Healthy Hair Growth

Hair growth depends on several factors including hair health, genetics, medications, age, and circulation. There are a few tips to help support healthy hair growth:

Get enough nutrients that promote hair growth like protein, iron, vitamins C and D, and biotin. Eat foods such as meat, nuts, seeds, sweet potatoes, citrus fruits and eggs. Consider a prenatal multivitamin.

Use Minoxidil (Rogaine) which is available over-the-counter and stimulates hair follicles to promote growth. It comes as a liquid or foam to apply directly to the scalp.

Scalp massage with essential oils like coconut, argan, and castor oil. Massaging the scalp helps increase circulation to hair follicles promoting hair growth.

Handle your hair gently while wet since hair is most fragile when wet. Avoid tight hairstyles such as cornrows that can lead to permanent hair loss.

Limit stress which can negatively impact hair growth. Engage in yoga or meditation and get enough sleep. Stress hormones can cause hair follicles to remain in the resting phase and fall out.

See a dermatologist for prescription medication options such as low level laser therapy, platelet-rich plasma therapy or hormone therapy for hair loss from menopause or hypothyroidism.

While genetics determines hair growth to some extent, a healthy hair care regimen can help support hair growth and prevent unnecessary hair fall. Having longer, thicker and healthier hair is within your reach by incorporating hair growth tips into your lifestyle. Consistency and patience are key. 

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