Enjoying Hair Care

Hair Type and How to Care for Them Properly

There are four major hair types: straight, wavy, curly and coily. The key to healthy and manageable hair is to determine your hair type and provide tailored care.

Straight hair is the strongest hair type. It requires moisture and protection from heat styling.Use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. Limit use of heat tools and employ a heat protectant product.

Wavy hair has loose S-shaped waves and is susceptible to frizz. Moisturizing products and styling creams can help define waves and reduce puffiness. Air drying or diffusing is best. Limit shampooing to 2-3 times a week.

Curly hair has tighter corkscrew curls. Key is to keep hair hydrated while avoiding heavy products that weigh hair down. Use a moisturizing shampoo and curl-enhancing products. Wash 2 times a week or co-wash in between. Dry with a cotton T-shirt instead of a towel.Coily hair has tight Z-shaped kinks. Focus on moisture and hydration. Shampoo once a week or less. Apply leave-in conditioner and seal with an oil like jojoba or coconut. Wash and go styles with minimal manipulation work best. Avoid heat styling and never brush when dry.

With the right hair care regimen tailored to your unique hair type, you can keep your hair healthy, manageable and styled the way you like. Understanding and accepting your natural hair is the key to finding the products and styles that work for you. Celebrate the hair you’re born with!

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