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Recommended lipstick numbers for winter

In winter, it is suitable to choose a lipstick number that is slightly darker than in summer. Here are a few recommended winter lipstick numbers:
1. Maple: maple leaf color, a deep maroon, relatively low-key but rich, very suitable for winter wear. Representative color numbers like MAC’s Glaze Maple and so on.
2. Oxblood: deep wine red, full and smooth in tone, with mysterious appeal. Representative color numbers include NARS’s Oxblood and Safron Red.
3. Blackberry: Blackberry color, a rich and sexy dark reddish purple, in line with the winter atmosphere. Like CHANEL’s Blackberry and so on.
4. Bordeaux: Bordeaux red, a rich wine red, with a mild and restrained color. Representative color numbers include DIOR’s Stylish Move and so on.
5. Merlot: Merlot red, a dark red to purple hue, conspicuous and round. For example the Merlot series in Kelly.
6. Currant: red currant color, a slightly seductive dark red, suitable for hazy winter makeup. Shades like Bruised Plum from TOM FORD.
7. Cranberry: cranberry color, a dark reddish color with a hint of peach pink, revealing a moving luster. Like MAC’s Marrakesh lipstick shade.
8. Plum: Plum color, a kind of dark red with a slight purple tone, the color is rich and mellow, which is very in line with the winter temperament. Like YSL’s Plum Attitude and so on.
9. Port: Port wine color, a full and thick red color, deep yet lively, very suitable for winter. Examples include shades like Fire Down Below from NARS.
The above are several recommended winter lipstick numbers and representative products. In general, deep reddish-purple shades are more suitable for winter makeup. If you have a more personalized color preference, you can also choose some more eye-catching color numbers, which can achieve good results with appropriate makeup.

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