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Recommended skin care products with high cost performance

If you are looking for cost-effective skin care products, the following brands are worth recommending:
1. CeraVe: A popular brand that focuses on gentle care. Its products adopt a minimalist and gentle formula. The price is affordable but the efficacy is good. It is highly recommended by American pharmacies and dermatologists. Representative products include mineral-rich cream and foam cleanser.
2. The Ordinary: A brand known for its high concentration of pure active ingredients and low prices. The products adopt simple and efficient formulas. The price is super affordable but the quality and efficacy are extraordinary. It is popular all over the world. Representative products include fruit acid 5% energy liquid& Garrinin 10% Vitamin C Serum Cream.
3. Cosrx: A Korean skincare expert brand. Its products focus on mildness, soothing and pollution removal. It uses high-concentration natural essence and active ingredients but the price is super affordable. It is very popular among Asian youthful skin. Representative products include polyethylene glycol exfoliating ointment& Total Brightening Serum.
4. Hada Labo: A Japanese mass brand that focuses on gentle moisturizing. Its products use high-concentration lecithin & hyaluronic acid and other ingredients. The price is super cheap, but it is trusted by middle-aged and elderly Asian women. Representative products include Golden Bottle Cream & Deep Moisturizing Mask.
5. Innisfree: A natural plant brand from Jeju Island, South Korea. The products use a wide range of island natural essences and non-polluting formulas. The price is low but the reputation is very good. It is very popular among Asian youthful skin. Representative products include green tea essence skin care Series & Volcanic Rock Gel Mask.
Although these brands are aimed at the general public and the prices are ultra-low, their product development and quality are excellent, and they are deeply loved and trusted by consumers. Whether you’re looking for cost-effective daily skincare or have specific skincare needs, these brands have gentle, effective formulas that will meet your needs.

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