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How to solve enlarged pores?

Enlarged pores are a skin problem faced by many people. To solve enlarged pores, the following measures can be taken:
1. Deep cleansing. Regular deep cleansing can remove the accumulated dirt and lipids in the pores, and achieve the purpose of purifying and shrinking pores. You can use scrub or acid cleaning products to clean with the steam and deep cleaning mode of the beauty instrument.
2. Sebum balance. Maintaining the balance of sebum secretion is also the key. Too much sebum will expand the pores, and too little sebum will also cause the pores to lose water and cause them to expand. Choose cleansing products suitable for your skin type to cleanse, and apply an appropriate amount of non-oily face cream to maintain balance.
3. Tighten and brighten. Using products containing astringent ingredients, such as tea tree essential oil, opalin, hydrangea root extract, etc., can shrink pores and make the skin surface smoother and firmer. Commonly used products are tea tree essence, astringent cream and Logs White Lotion.
4. Nutrition and moisturizing. Sufficient nutrition and hydration of the skin can also reduce the expansion of pores, especially the replenishment of moisture and antioxidant vitamin C. Choose products rich in amino acids, lactic acid, and multivitamins to nourish your skin.
5. Exfoliation and peeling. Regular peeling can remove the old waste keratinocytes at the entrance of the pores, so that the pores can be unblocked and the expansion caused by blockage can be avoided. Deep exfoliation or an acid peel 1-2 times a week is necessary.
6. Spot lightening. Freckles and dark spots will make the pore area look bigger, so it is necessary to lighten the spots regularly, and use vitamin C, double glutenyl and other ingredients to lighten the dark spots, which will also help to improve the pore problem.
To sum up, in order to improve enlarged pores, it is necessary to comprehensively condition the skin. Keeping pores clean, controlling sebum production, increasing nourishment and moisturization, exfoliating and peeling regularly, using astringent products, and blemishes are all key measures to reduce enlarged pores. To use comprehensively and persevere, the problem of enlarged pores can be effectively improved.

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