Autumn and winter hand cream recommendation

As the weather turns cooler, hands are more prone to various problems, such as chapped, dry, peeling, etc. A high-quality hand cream can effectively improve the condition of hands and make them moist and plump. So how to choose a suitable hand cream in autumn and winter?

The first thing to consider is product ingredients. In autumn and winter, ingredients such as shea butter, glycerin, and cruciferous oil are recommended, which are rich in moisturizing effects. Shea Butter repairs the skin barrier and neutralizes free radicals. Glycerin is a natural emollient that effectively softens cuticles and provides moisture.

Second, consider product texture. Hand cream with a thicker texture is more suitable for autumn and winter. It can form a protective film to lock in moisture and resist external stimuli. Cream or ointment hand cream is recommended.

Finally, consider nail polish refills. Nails also need to be cared for, and nails are more likely to become dry and brittle in autumn and winter. You can use nail care solution or lotion at the same time to supplement nourishment, or you can choose vinegar

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