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Top 10 Japanese Skin Care Products

Japan is one of the birthplaces of skin care products and cosmetics in Asia. Here are the top ten Japanese skin care brands:
1. SK-II: A high-tech skin care brand. Its signature product, Facial Water, is very popular among Asian women. It focuses on high-efficiency skin care and anti-wrinkle.
2. Shu Uemura: Shu Uemura, a high-end beauty and skin care brand, mainly uses natural products, and is very popular among urban white-collar women.
3. POLA: Baoli, a high-end skin care brand with a history of more than 70 years, mainly focuses on anti-aging and whitening products.
4. Kose: Kose, a popular skin care brand with affordable prices, focuses on basic care and acne treatment. Its signature product, Beauty Mask, is loved by women all over the world.
5. Kanebo: Kanebo, a mid-to-high-end skin care brand with a history of 140 years, focuses on repairing, brightening and anti-allergic products.
6. Albion: A mid-to-high-end medical beauty brand. Its products emphasize scientific ingredients and focus on anti-aging, lifting, firming and whitening.
7. Clinique: Clinique, a neutral skin care brand, the products are safe, mild and non-irritating, focusing on conditioning, soothing and medical beauty.
8. Sekkisei: Sekkisei, a neutral skin care brand, uses natural herbal formulas to focus on basic care and brightening.
9. Fancl: A natural and organic skin care brand, the products choose natural plant extracts and mild ingredients, focusing on basic maintenance and sensitive skin care.
10. Rohto: Rohto, a popular skin care brand, chooses mild and fashionable ingredients for products, and the price is affordable, focusing on basic care and whitening.
Japanese skin care products are loved by women all over the world due to their high quality and mildness. The top ten brands introduced above cover the high-end, mid-end and mass markets, and their products also cover a full range of skin care needs.

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