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How to confirm the authenticity of skin care products purchased online

How to make sure that the skin care products are authentic when shopping online? The following points need to be paid attention to:
1. Choose a reputable sales platform or website. Buying from large e-commerce platforms such as Tmall, or official brand flagship stores can ensure the authenticity and regularity of products. Avoid buying from small sites of unknown origin.
2. Check the product barcode or security code. Products of many brands are equipped with unique barcodes or anti-counterfeiting codes, consumers can enter this code on the official website of the brand to verify whether the product is genuine. If the website cannot be queried or the product code does not exist, it is likely to be a fake.
3. Check the product packaging. The packaging material of authentic products is thick and delicate, the printing is clear and beautiful without spray codes, the product name and ingredient description are accurate and complete, and there are no grammatical or printing errors. The packaging of the fakes appears rough and crude, there may be stains or fingerprints, and the printing quality is poor.
4. Verify expiration date and production date. The shelf life and production date of genuine products are true and accurate, while these information of fake products may be marked arbitrarily, and the protent is not true or has expired. Consumers can check with brand instructions or policies.
5. Check product texture and aroma. Genuine products have a fine and uniform texture, and a full-bodied, long-lasting and natural fragrance. The texture of the fakes is poor and uneven, the fragrance is pungent or slightly unchanged. Of course, this requires some experience to judge.
6. The certificate is the real product. When purchasing authentic products of certain brands, there will be a brand authorization certificate or certificate, which is also one of the basis for judging the authenticity of the product. However, some products do not have this certificate attached, which requires a comprehensive judgment from all aspects.
7. Product use effect. The efficacy of authentic products will be more obvious and durable, and the use experience will be more comfortable. The effect of fake products is not ideal, and there may even be a sense of irritation or discomfort. This is also a rule of thumb for judging the authenticity of a product.
To sum up, judging from the sales platform, product anti-counterfeiting code, packaging quality, shelf life information, the texture and fragrance of the product itself, and the effect of use, it is possible to determine whether the online shopping product is authentic. However, there may be certain errors in any judgment, and consumers need to maintain a cautious attitude. If conditions permit, it is the most reliable way to buy directly from the brand counter.

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