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Regular exercise and diet care improve skin

Skin health depends not only on cosmetics, but also on lifestyle adjustments, especially exercise and diet. A healthy diet can provide the skin with the nutrients it needs, and moderate exercise can improve blood circulation. The two work together to truly achieve the effect of beauty.
Reasonable exercise helps skin metabolism, accelerate blood circulation and lymphatic circulation in the body. The skin will get more supply of oxygen and nutrients, and old waste and toxins can also be discharged in time to achieve the effect of washing the skin. In addition, exercise can also stimulate the production of collagen and elastin in the skin, improve skin density and elasticity, and achieve firming and lifting effects.
A healthy diet can provide skin with protein, fatty acids, minerals, vitamins and other nutrients. Protein can repair tissue cells and collagen. Omega-3 fatty acids repair and moisturize. Minerals and vitamins are involved in processes such as skin metabolism, anti-oxidation and repair.

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