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Too much makeup damages skin health

Many women like to wear heavy makeup, but long-term excessive use of cosmetics will definitely cause certain damage to the skin. Cosmetics contain many chemical ingredients, which will not only cause skin aging over time, but also induce allergies and various skin lesions.
First of all, excessive use of basic makeup will increase the burden on the skin, and the chemical ingredients in it will penetrate deep into the skin. The highly absorbable chemical ingredients in sunscreen CREEN will gradually accumulate, increasing the risk of skin allergies and erythema. The waterproof ingredients and colorants in eye makeup are more irritating to the skin around the eyes, and long-term use is more likely to cause skin relaxation and increased wrinkles.
Secondly, heavy makeup will also accelerate skin aging. Waterproof ingredients will form an isolation film to block air and moisture, affecting skin metabolism. Excessive coverage will also inhibit the natural perspiration of the skin, causing the skin to lose its original regulating function. At the same time, coloring chemicals can also increase oxidative stress in the skin, causing cellular, tissue and structural damage.
Again, heavy makeup can easily induce various skin lesions. Excessive coverage can contribute to acne, eczema, and other allergic dermatitis. Eye cosmetics may also cause eye allergies and conjunctivitis. Long-term exposure to chemicals will increase the risk of skin malignancies.
In conclusion, skin problems caused by overuse and heavy makeup are preventable. We should learn to use cosmetics in moderation, choose more natural product ingredients, and develop the habit of regular deep cleaning. Healthy skin is the foundation of beauty, and only with light makeup can you have beauty and vitality. Makeup should be a means, not an end, and we should love our true colors.

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