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A journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles

The meaning of this sentence is that instead of measuring the significance of a trip by the mileage traveled, it is better to measure it by the friends you meet during the journey. I very much agree with this view.
A pleasant trip does not depend on how far you have traveled, how many attractions you have visited, how many items you have experienced, and how many photos you have taken. What really makes travel memorable and unforgettable is the interaction and acquaintance with people during the journey.
During your travels, you will meet people from all corners of the country, some of which are just a passing glance, and some may turn into an encounter that you will never forget. Although the scenery and beautiful scenery along the way can make you pleasing to the eye, sooner or later it will be replaced by other new scenery and become a part of memory. What really cannot be replaced are those moments when you meet and get to know others.
A conversation, a smile, a hand in hand can all be the beginning of a friendship. Friends on the journey appear in a flash like this, but they make you remember deeply and will never be forgotten for a long time. The good times spent together, the beautiful scenery witnessed together, and the mental journey shared together can all connect the hearts of two people who have just met for the first time.
The reluctant farewell when parting is also because you have traveled together for a while and shared every bit of the journey. During the short trip, the friends you meet can become a permanent part of each other’s lives. Therefore, the significance of travel lies in meeting the scenery along the way, and more importantly, meeting the friends along the way.
For a trip, if you can make a fellow traveler or confidant who connects with you, no matter how far the destination is from you, the meaning of this trip will surpass all the miles and become a beautiful memory in the journey of life. The meaning of travel lies not in the distance, but in the meeting between people. This is also the meaning of life, not the scenery in front of you, but the people in front of you.

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