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How do couples quarrel to ease their emotions?

When couples are arguing, the most important thing is to learn to control their emotions to avoid escalation of the quarrel. The following points can help ease emotions and resolve conflicts:
First, calm down before communicating. Before a formal heart-to-heart talk, both parties should calm down, clear their minds, and avoid direct communication when they are emotional, which will easily complicate the problem.
Second, express in the way of “I”. When talking heart-to-heart, express your own feelings and true thoughts, rather than accusing the other party. Express yourself with words such as “I think”, “I think”, rather than strong statements such as “you must”. This can minimize the emotional aggravation of the other party.
Third, listen to what the other person thinks. Communication is two-way, and the other party should be given enough opportunities to express their positions and feelings. Listening to the other party’s true thoughts can deepen understanding, resolve misunderstandings, and ease conflicts.
Fourth, avoid overreaction. When the other party expresses his ideas, avoid blindly refuting and questioning. Give a certain degree of affirmation and understanding, which can avoid the expansion of the other party’s negative emotions and help to reach a consensus.
Fifth, consultation and compromise. Learn to find common ground in opposition, rather than insist on your own opinion. Through consultation and mutual compromise, a satisfactory result can be reached for both parties, thereby resolving conflicts and restoring emotions.
Sixth, proper physical contact. In the process of heart-to-heart talk, appropriate physical contact such as hugging and holding hands can produce chemical reactions, relieve stress and make it gradually calm. This contributes to the rational solution of the problem.
The above methods are helpful to resolve the emotional out-of-control in conflict situations, communicate rationally, so as to find out the crux of the problem and reach a compromise acceptable to both parties. A calm state of mind and rational communication are the basis for resolving any conflicts.

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