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Prevent common male diseases

Men face specific health issues at different stages. Here are some suggestions for preventing common male diseases:

Cardiovascular disease: Control blood pressure, blood lipid and blood sugar levels, reduce smoking and drinking. Get regular exercise, maintain a healthy weight, and follow a healthy diet.

Prostate problems: Get regular prostate cancer screenings, including blood tests and digital rectal exams. Pay attention to your eating habits and get plenty of vitamins and antioxidants.

Male Infertility: Avoid excessive stress and anxiety, reduce alcohol and smoking, and maintain a moderate body weight. Consult a professional doctor early to find an appropriate treatment plan.

Prostatitis: Maintain good living habits, such as regular urination, avoiding sitting for long periods of time, and keeping your body clean. Avoid excessive sex and infections.

Osteoporosis: Increase intake of calcium and vitamin D and moderate physical activity such as weight training and aerobic exercise. Avoid smoking and excessive alcohol consumption and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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