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Introduction to extreme sports

Extreme sports refer to some high-difficulty and high-risk outdoor sports, which are mainly characterized by the pursuit of fast speed, high height, and difficult stimulation, and require athletes to have high skills, physical fitness and courage. Common extreme sports include:
1. Base Jumping. Parachuting from high places, such as jumping from bridges, cliffs, etc., opening a parachute and landing at an altitude of 4,000 meters is extremely challenging.
2. Speed Riding. Combining skiing, paragliding and mountaineering, sliding down from the heights of the snow mountain, opening a special paraglider to slow down when gliding at high speed, exciting and full of skills.
3. Rock Climbing. Climbing on rocks with only hands and feet without any auxiliary tools is difficult and requires high strength, balance and skills.
4. Rafting. Using a hollow rubber boat to drift in the fast-moving mountain river, and to walk left and right in the strong current is extremely challenging and requires certain skills and physical fitness.
5. Bungee Jumping. Jump from a high place such as a bridge or a high platform, reach the maximum displacement at the lowest point through the elastic gum rope, and then bounce up, and produce a short-term weightless feeling in the rising state, which is very stimulating.
6. Animal Assisted Movement. Like riding a horse, riding a camel in the desert, or riding a buffalo across a river, it is dangerous and requires the skills to control animals.
7. Stunt performance. Such as vehicle stunts, motif skateboard stunts, etc., need to complete various difficult movements and leaps while driving at high speed, which not only requires superb operating skills, but also tests the courage and determination of the driver.
To sum up, extreme sports bring people a strong sense of weightlessness, speed and challenge, but they also have greater risks, which require athletes to have a higher level of psychological quality and skills. With the improvement of teaching methods and equipment, the threshold of extreme sports is also lowered, and ordinary people can also experience certain stimulation, which promotes the extensive development and development of extreme sports.

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