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Great time in beach with friends

I recently went on a beach holiday with some friends and had a very relaxing day. I was very impressed with this trip to the beach and experienced the joyful time with family and friends.
We set off early in the morning and agreed to meet at the beach. By the time everyone arrived, it was almost noon. Everyone warmly hugged and greeted, expressing their joy and expectation for this trip. Then spread out mats and towels on the beach together, sit down and chat while preparing lunch. Everyone brought a lot of food, and with the cooperation, a table of rich and delicious lunch was soon presented.
After eating, it’s time for free activities. Some people go swimming in the sea, while others bask in the sun and chat on the shore. A few friends and I built sandcastles together. We picked up wet sand with our hands to make various shapes, some were damaged and rebuilt, and we really went back to our childhood. Everyone sat next to the sand pile on the beach, and the picture was so beautiful that people couldn’t help laughing.
Time passed quickly, and the sun began to slant westward in a blink of an eye. We all gathered together to watch the sunset. The golden-red sun shines on the sea, and the sea and sky are the same color, so beautiful that people can’t move their eyes. We’re even reluctant to end this good time, and we will come out to play together after we meet again.
It was an unforgettable trip to the beach. Not only because of the beautiful scenery and the fun brought by various entertainment items, but also because the people in the same company make me happy and comfortable. With friends and family, anytime, anywhere becomes invaluable. This also made me realize that the best part of life often comes from the friendship and companionship between people. This trip to the beach left me not only photos, but also memories of being happy with friends.

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