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How to choose the right lipstick shade

Choosing the right shade of lipstick requires consideration of skin color and personal style. The following points can be used as a reference:
Consider your skin tone. Light skin is more suitable for light colors such as rose red or peach, and dark skin can choose the workforce color. Neutral tone skin can choose from a wider range of colors, which needs to be selected according to personal preference.
Choose a color that matches your eyes. Light vermilion to deep red lipstick is more suitable for green eyes, cherry red to wine red for brown eyes. For blue eyes, you can choose from vermilion to rose red.
Consider your temperamental style. For the sweet style, you can choose pink or rose red, for the sexy and charming style, you can choose cherry red or blue base tone, and for the cool style, you can choose deep red to wine red. Choose colors that match your style and image.
Consider the activities you will be attending. In the workplace, choose neutral colors such as rose red or vermilion, which is more low-key. For parties or romantic occasions, you can choose more eye-catching colors.
Notice how your lip color changes. Lip color can change due to weather or physical conditions. The choice of lipstick needs to consider the change of lip color, choose a color that is still bright and natural under a variety of lip colors.
The choice of lipstick requires comprehensive consideration of many factors to find the most suitable color number for you. But it should not be too rigid, you can choose different colors and shades to meet the needs of different occasions. Appropriate changes will make you look new and wonderful. Find not just one color, but a range of colors that suit you best, which will add variety to your beauty.

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