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How to tie long hair into a beautiful hairstyle

For long hair, you can make a good-looking hairstyle, you can refer to the following points:
1. Choose a hairstyle according to your face shape. For round faces, you should choose LAYER or bangs to elongate your face; for square faces, you should choose curly hair or curved hair to reduce the sense of edges and corners; It is better to choose a hairstyle that matches your face shape.
2. Increase layering. Simply tying long hair into a bun or braid can easily look tedious. You can add a few small haircuts or soft broken hair to the hairstyle to increase the sense of layering and coolness. But don’t overcomplicate it and make it look natural.
3. Choose the right headband. Hair ties also play an important role in hairstyles for long hair. The headband should match the hairstyle and face shape. A wide headband is more suitable for a slightly demure style, and a thin headband is more suitable for a fashionable and flexible hairstyle. The headband should also match the overall clothing style.
4. Add embellishments. Adding some embellishments on the basis of the hair tie can make the hairstyle look more beautiful. Common embellishments include hair beads, hair clips, hair clips, hair ropes, etc. Choose the matching embellishment according to the hairstyle style, and pay attention to the color of the embellishment should also match the color of the long hair.
5. With bright makeup. A delicate hairstyle coupled with bright makeup can make the whole look more beautiful. Gorgeous red lips, delicate eye makeup are suitable. But pay attention to the balance, the makeup should not be too exaggerated and cover up the beauty of the hairstyle.
6. Pay attention to the treatment of hair ends. Long hair is prone to roughness and split ends, so it is necessary to maintain and trim the hair tail regularly. For maintenance, you can choose deep conditioning mask or repairing essence, etc., and trim the hair tail by 1-2 cm in 3-4 weeks to maintain the overall health and appearance of the hair.
To sum up, choosing the right hairstyle and face shape, adding layering and embellishment, matching with beautiful makeup and hair bands, and paying attention to the maintenance of the ends of the hair are the keys to a good-looking long hair hairstyle. To consider the overall effect, let the hairstyle and makeup blend harmoniously, so that it will be more outstanding and charming. But also avoid too gorgeous, to maintain a natural beauty.

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