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Is there true friendship between a man and a woman

There are different opinions in society on whether true friendship can exist between men and women:
Viewpoint 1: It is difficult to have true friendship between men and women. Due to the attraction between the sexes, it is easy to develop a certain degree of affection or attachment in the course of communication. This will affect the friendship relationship, and it will be difficult to maintain a pure friendship. Especially during adolescence, friendships between men and women often turn into love relationships.
Point 2: There can be sincere friendship between men and women. Friendships are built on shared interests, values and mutual trust. As long as both parties regard each other as true friends, the formation of friendship will not be affected by gender differences. It is important to be honest with each other, understand and support each other.
Viewpoint 3: Whether a friendship between a man and a woman can be established depends on the parties involved. Not all friendships between men and women lead to flirtations or relationships. A sincere friendship requires the joint efforts of both parties, based on each other’s personality charm and spiritual fit, rather than the other party’s gender. Friendships can only truly last if both men and women make friendship a priority.
To sum up, whether there can be true friendship between men and women is still controversial. But the key lies in the mentality of the parties and the way of doing things. It is entirely possible for a man and a woman to form a genuine and lasting friendship if both partners are mature enough to value their inner connection over their gender. The ultimate embodiment of friendship is mutual understanding between hearts, not gender differences.

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