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Several hairstyles for boys

Some common hairstyles for boys are as follows:
1. Cut your hair short. This is the most common hairstyle for boys, and it is easy to do. You can choose flat head, bald head and simple short hair. This kind of hairstyle looks neat and masculine. It is a good hairstyle choice for men in the workplace.
2. Medium-length hair with blown sea style. The front hair is slightly longer and can be naturally drooped or blown into a bang style, and the back hair is kept at a medium length. This hairstyle is neither too formal nor too casual, suitable for various occasions. The length of Liuhai can be trimmed according to personal face shape and preferences.
3. Long hair and metallic hairstyles. Choose a certain length of long hair, which can enhance the perm effect or droop naturally. Full of personality, it is one of the more popular hairstyles at present. But it is not suitable for formal work occasions. In the metal wind hairstyle, the board inch or unruly Liuhai effect is better.
4. Hair toss. Opt for longer hair, and use products such as hairspray to naturally toss out the unruly styling. This type of hairstyle is more casual and rebellious, advocating naturalness and casualness, but requires a certain amount of hair quality as the basis to prevent it from being too deliberate.
5. Braid hairstyle. Braid longer hair in a variety of thicknesses, single or double. This type of hairstyle is also more individual, but it is not highly respected in the workplace, and is more suitable for young people’s leisure or campus occasions.
6. Bearded hairstyle. For boys who have already entered the social workplace, a moderate beard can increase the masculine charm. A short box beard or a short beard with a length of 3-5 cm can be used. The best length and position of the beard should be selected according to the shape of the individual face.
7. Get a back haircut. Slightly straighten the hair on both sides, so that the hair has a certain level and the back is high, and fixed with hairspray. This kind of hairstyle not only has the coolness of the back of the head, but is not too messy, and looks more refreshing and neat. To choose the appropriate haircut tool and length, the tail of the hair can be trimmed as appropriate
To sum up, there are many hairstyles and styles for boys to choose from. You can choose the most suitable hairstyle according to your age, face shape, and nature of work. But in general, short and medium-short haircuts that are simple, mature, masculine and handsome are more suitable for most boys and workplaces. The choice of beard also needs to be careful, so as not to be misunderstood as less formal if it is too long or too messy. As long as you choose your own hairstyle, you will be able to add handsome charm.

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