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Beauty Consumption Trend

At present, the beauty market presents the following major consumption trends:
1. High cost performance: With the improvement of consumers’ beauty knowledge and product awareness, more attention is paid to the cost performance and actual efficacy of products. Special pursuit of high-quality formula and raw material products.
2. Customization & Personalization: Focus on meeting individual beauty needs and skin characteristics. All kinds of beauty customization and personalized formula services are emerging.
3. Plain & Natural: Pursue a natural, clean and comfortable makeup effect. Focus on improving the quality and texture of the skin itself.
4. High-tech & innovation: focus on high-tech and innovative ingredients or technology research and development of beauty products. Such as high-tech facial mask, micro-current skin beauty instrument, etc. are very popular.
5. Natural & Organic: Prefers natural, organic and environmentally friendly beauty products and brands. Pay attention to the natural extraction and organic formula in the product.
6. Multiculturalism: Affected by globalization, they are interested in foreign cultures and beauty concepts. French luxury beauty and Korean pop beauty are highly sought after.
7. Online consumption: With the rise of online beauty shopping platforms, consumers can more conveniently obtain information on various beauty products and make purchases.
8. Community Marketing: Brands and products are promoted through beauty bloggers, Internet celebrities and major social platforms. Consumers can obtain more vivid product experiences and recommendations.
The above are some notable consumption trends and characteristics of the domestic beauty market. Generally speaking, consumers’ beauty consumption concept is constantly upgrading, paying more and more attention to the quality and effect of the product itself, and at the same time pursuing a personalized consumption experience. This requires beauty brands to continuously develop truly effective high-quality products, and at the same time actively use various new methods and channels to achieve personalized interaction and community marketing.
In the future, these consumption trends will be further strengthened and evolved. In order for beauty brands to win the favor of consumers and gain market competitive advantages, in addition to high-quality products, it is also very important to clarify consumer needs and use emerging digital technologies and channels. This will also give birth to a large number of personalized and high-tech beauty products and services for consumers to choose and experience.

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