Hair Care Technology

Which is more important, scalp care or hair care?

Scalp care and hair care are both important, but if you want to compare, scalp care is more basic and important. Mainly reflected in the following aspects:
1. The scalp is the source of hair growth. The health of the scalp directly affects the rate and quality of hair growth. If the scalp is in an unhealthy state for a long time, it is difficult to expect thick and smooth hair. Therefore, scalp care is the premise and basis of hair care.
2. Scalp problems can accelerate hair problems. Scalp sensitivity, dandruff, dermatitis and other problems will aggravate hair oil secretion, hair loss and other problems, resulting in a vicious circle. So scalp health is very important. Choosing mild and high-quality shampoo and conditioner, regular scalp spa and deep steam, these are very effective scalp care methods.
3. Excessive hair care can also damage the scalp. Excessive and frequent use of various hair chemicals and electro-heated products will irritate the scalp and cause a certain degree of irritant scalp inflammation or allergies. Therefore, hair care also needs to be moderate, especially mild products developed for sensitive scalps.
4. Only a healthy scalp can produce healthy new hair. Both the speed and quality of new hair growth depend on the area of the scalp where the follicle is located. The healthier the scalp, the better the growth and texture of new strands, which is the cornerstone of great hair.
5. The life and death of hair is relieved on the scalp. The normal hair growth cycle is 2-6 years, and hair loss is also regulated by hair follicles. Scalp aging and hair follicle dysfunction will accelerate the aging and shedding process of hair. So anti-aging and activation of scalp hair follicles are the key.
To sum up, scalp health is the basic guarantee for hairdressing, and scalp care is at the core of the whole hair care. Pay attention to regular professional scalp care and choose high-quality scalp products, which is also an important secret to keep hair youthful. Although hair care is also very important, excessive pursuit will also have counterproductive effects, and it needs to be moderate and cautious.
In short, only scalp care and hair care that complement each other can achieve the ideal hairdressing effect. Don’t be biased, that’s the key.

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