Give your emotions a lifeline

Emotionally, sometimes we can’t help but get so invested that we forget to leave a lifeline for ourselves. When the relationship breaks down, we find that we have fallen into the unfathomable emotional whirlpool and cannot extricate ourselves.
Leaving a lifeline for your emotions means having your own independence. Whether it is friendship or love, we all need to have our own life and interests, not to be restrained by words and deeds. We should learn to be sober and rational in our relationship, understand each other’s strengths and at the same time see flaws, and have our own judgment standards and bottom line.
Leaving a way out also means releasing oneself to the greatest extent. True love requires two individuals who grow independently, understand and perfect each other. If all of life is concentrated on this relationship, it is doomed to rise and fall in violent wind and waves and eventually die. We must learn to think independently, not to pin our emotions on another person when we encounter problems.
If you like someone, you must learn to leave a way for yourself. If one day you need to leave, you must have the ability to find yourself again and embrace the wider world. A person with a bright body and a tough heart will have the strength to tolerate more profound feelings. So in any relationship, emotional independent viability is crucial.
Leaving a way out seems to contradictoryly mean that we need to stay sober in our relationships, we need to have our own perspective on life, and we need to release ourselves to the maximum. But perhaps, this is the real protection for oneself emotionally. In the sea of emotions, independence is rationality and a bright light in the heart. It illuminates our path so that we don’t lose ourselves. With independence, our emotions are truly free, stretched and deep. This may be the best gift we can give ourselves.

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