Love takes nurturing and hard work

Love is like a small sapling, it needs careful nurturing to thrive. Comparing love to a sapling is a very apt metaphor. Love also needs our patience to cultivate, water and care before it can bloom and bloom.
Love needs a bedrock of trust as its foundation. At the beginning of this relationship, each other needs to show sincerity and sincerity, and break the defense, so as to establish a solid foundation of trust. Trust enables a relationship to thrive, a lack of trust necessarily leads to faltering.
Love needs the nourishment of understanding. To understand the motives behind each other’s preferences, habits, and behaviors, and to gain insight into the hard footprints of the other person’s life, it takes time and energy to understand the other person’s inner world. Understanding is the best nourishment in a relationship, it can reduce misunderstandings and increase intimacy.
Love needs sunshine of respect. Each other should respect each other’s independent personality, give enough freedom and space, and cherish each other’s ideas and opinions. Respect can make a relationship flourish in the sun. Love without respect must be a dark and vicious flower.
Love needs our efforts more. Just like flowers need our watering, love needs our care.

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