Facial Care Technology

The correct way to massage the face

The correct method of facial massage is as follows:
1. Apply after cleansing. Cleansing can remove the dirt and cosmetic residue on the face and lay a good foundation for massage. Rinse off with warm water after cleansing, then massage into face.
2. Massage techniques. Commonly used facial massage techniques include massage, kneading, hammering, and tapping. The massage technique is suitable for all skin types, the kneading technique is more suitable for firming the skin, and the hammering and slapping techniques are used to activate facial muscles and blood circulation.
3. Massage sequence. The correct order of facial massage is: forehead, eyebrows, eyes, nose, cheeks, chin. Every part should be massaged gently and evenly, the eye area being the most delicate and gentle. Massage should be moderate, not too strong or too light.
4. Massage products. You can choose face cream, essential oil or massage cream as assistant. Facial creams can lubricate the face, essential oils have aromatherapy effects, and massage creams can enhance massage comfort. Choose products that are right for your skin type.
5. Massage time. Each facial massage time is controlled within 10-15 minutes, 2-3 times a week. Too long massage time will cause skin irritation, and too short massage time will not work well. Massage should be regular and persevering, so as to achieve better results.
6. Intensive massage. If you want to achieve a stronger lifting and firming effect, you can take facial exercises and rollers for assistance. Facial exercises can enhance muscle strength, and the roller has a lifting and micro-stimulation effect. But go over slowly to avoid over-irritating the skin.
7. Post-massage care. The massage ends with a hydrating and nourishing facial. Can be applied with creams, serums or a dedicated post-massage mask. Replenish moisture and nutrition, play a role in locking water, moisturizing and anti-inflammatory, which can also enhance the effect of massage.
Through the correct facial massage techniques and steps, combined with the use of professional products, it can eliminate facial fatigue, increase skin elasticity, prevent wrinkles, and improve blood circulation. But be sure to pay attention to the strength and frequency of massage to avoid skin damage caused by excessive massage.

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