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Maintenance guide for women during menstrual period

A woman’s menstrual period is a special physiological process that requires extra care and attention. The following is a maintenance guide for women during their menstrual period:

Pay attention to personal hygiene: It is very important to maintain good personal hygiene during menstruation. Use mild hygiene products and change pads or tampons regularly to avoid bacterial growth and infection.

Supplementary nutrition: During menstruation, women’s bodies may consume more energy and nutrients. Adequate hydration and nutrition, especially iron-rich foods such as green leafy vegetables, red meat, and beans, can help maintain good health and reduce fatigue.

Moderate exercise: Moderate exercise can help relieve the discomfort caused by the menstrual period. Light aerobic exercise, yoga, and stretching can improve circulation, ease menstrual cramps, and lift your mood.

Relax: During menstruation, women may experience mood swings and physical discomfort. Find ways to relax and soothe, such as meditation, relaxing music, warm water soaks, etc., to help relieve stress and elevate your mood.

Regular work and rest: Maintaining a regular work and rest time can help maintain the balance of the body and regulate the endocrine system. Try to get enough sleep and eat regularly to help reduce the discomfort of your menstrual period.

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