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Female vulva maintenance with hygiene

The female genitalia includes the vulva, labia and other areas, and the maintenance of this part also needs attention.
Start by choosing unscented and soft toilet paper. Avoid the use of human sensitive or rough paper products, so as not to irritate delicate vulvar skin.
Second, avoid over-cleaning. The vulva area has its own cleaning function. Excessive and frequent cleaning will destroy the natural barrier and increase the chance of infection. Generally, 2-3 times a day with warm water or wet wipes are sufficient.
Change your menstrual hygiene products regularly. Changing pads or tampons irregularly increases the risk of hygiene problems. It is advisable to change sanitary products every 4-6 hours during menstruation.
Avoid vulva odor. Improper cleaning or an infection can cause vulvar odor. Choose fragrance-free and gentle cleansing products, keep clean and hygienic, change underwear regularly, avoid synthetic underwear and other measures can prevent odor. When there is an odor, you can use fragrance-free preservative products to clean, and you can also temporarily use lactic acid bacteria and probiotics to improve the ecology.
Observe the condition of the vulva regularly.

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