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Maintenance of female private parts

It is very important for a woman’s vagina to be clean and healthy, and proper maintenance is required on a regular basis. The following points need attention:
Choose non-irritating cleaning products. Choose fragrance-free or mild skin care products, and avoid products with fragrances or colorants that may be harsh. Warm water is the best cleaning tool, add a little mild cleaning solution if necessary.
Regular vulvar cleansing. Clean at least 1-2 times a day, especially after menstruation or sex. You can clean it gently by hand or use a special vaginal cleaner, but pay attention to safety and cleanliness. Avoid cleaning the vulva directly with soap.
Period deploy tampons. Change your menstrual tampons regularly, and choose products that are unscented and breathable. The frequency of replacement depends on the menstrual blood flow, generally every 4-6 hours. Regular toilet paper should not be used in place of tampons.
Avoid vaginal odor. The vagina itself has a natural acidic environment, but excessive cleaning can easily lead to vaginal pH imbalance and the proliferation of odorous bacteria. Regular cleaning combined with a healthy diet and lifestyle can prevent odors. Vaginal-specific probiotics or eco-friendly products can be used when odor occurs.
Observe for vaginal discharge and bleeding. Regular self-examination to observe whether the amount, shape, and color of vaginal secretions are normal. Abnormal purulent, foamy or bloody discharge, as well as hymen rupture and bleeding, should seek medical attention in time.
Women should pay attention to regular maintenance and self-examination of the vagina, which can minimize the risk of infection or disease. Choosing non-irritating and mild cleaning products, combined with a healthy lifestyle, can effectively prevent vaginal problems and keep the vagina clean and healthy. If you find any abnormal phenomenon, you should seek medical treatment in time.

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