Moves mother and baby brand interview

Moves mother and baby brand is a well-known brand of mother and baby care in China. Its product line covers mother and baby areas. With the product development concept of “natural, gentle and professional”, it has won the favor of consumers.
The brand chooses natural plant formulas and organic raw materials, and the products do not add any synthetic flavors, colorants or alcohol to achieve gentle and efficient maintenance of the baby’s skin and mother’s body. The R&D team pays attention to the safety assessment of the corresponding product ingredients, implements stricter raw material screening standards, and introduces the essence of traditional Chinese medicine formula to bring consumers a safe experience.
The brand takes “professional, intelligent, and warm” as its purpose, and the product packaging is exquisite and generous, with a high sense of specification and technology. Staff on the brand’s official website and Sina Weibo actively interact with consumers, answering product-related questions one-on-one, providing professional childcare and nursing knowledge, and advocating rational consumption and scientific childcare concepts.
In order to meet the needs of different users, the brand launched a more cost-effective “Little Prince Series” product line in 2020, providing more affordable product choices. At the same time, the brand is also actively expanding overseas markets, and has successfully entered Japan, Malaysia, Singapore and other countries, and is deeply loved by local consumers.
In general, Moves is a mother and baby care brand worthy of consumers’ trust. It can provide all-stage products from birth to growth, and is favored and welcomed by mothers with its cost-effective and natural product concept. It is believed that the internationalization process of the brand will open a new chapter and bring quality and reassuring experience to more mothers.

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