9 Tips for Better Sleep

The quality of sleep is closely related to our health. So how to improve sleep quality and sleep efficiency? Here are 9 tips:
1. Keep a consistent sleep time: Regular sleep time can greatly improve sleep quality, try to keep the same sleep and wake up time.
2. Moderate exercise: exercise helps sleep, but avoid too intense exercise at night, it is best to take a walk and other light exercise, which can be completed two hours before.
3. Adequate intake of caffeine: the stimulant effect of caffeine can last for 6 hours, avoid drinking coffee, black tea, etc. after 2 pm.
4. Control the use of screens: Avoid watching TV, mobile phones and other screens 2 hours before going to bed, as blue light will inhibit the secretion of sleep-regulating hormones.
5. Take a bath before going to bed: Take a bath before going to bed to help you sleep. You can relax in a bubble bath and wash away the fatigue of the day.
6. Keep the bedroom environment comfortable: properly dim the lights in the bedroom, maintain a quiet and comfortable ambient temperature, and use comfortable pillows and mattresses.
7. Prepare for relaxation before going to bed: 30 minutes before going to bed, you can listen to light music, read books and other relaxing activities, and cooperate with deep breathing exercises to relax your body and mind.
8. Eat less fluids and heavy flavors: Avoid drinking too much fluids and eating less heavy flavors 2-3 hours before going to bed, so as not to affect sleep.
9. Maintain a positive attitude: Try to avoid negative and anxious emotions before going to bed, and relax through a positive attitude to facilitate falling asleep.
Improving sleep is a job that takes time and energy, but as long as we persevere, we can improve the quality of sleep, have a good sleep, and thus improve the quality of life.

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