Enjoying Hair Care

Correct use of conditioner

The correct way to use conditioner is as follows:
1. Choose a conditioner that suits your hair texture. The neutral type is suitable for normal hair, the refreshing oil control type is suitable for oily hair, and the moisturizing type is suitable for dry hair. The hair conditioner should be customized according to the hair quality, so that the effect will be better.
2. Use immediately after shampooing. Apply hair conditioner immediately after shampooing. Hair absorbs nutrients more easily when it is wet, and the effect of conditioner is better. If the time interval is long, the hair will lose a certain amount of moisture, and it is difficult to fully absorb the nutrients of the conditioner.
3. Spread evenly through hair strands. Apply conditioner evenly to each strand of hair, especially the ends. The tail of hair is the part that is most prone to dryness and damage, and needs nutrition more. The application should be carefully cared for, so that the maximum effect of the conditioner can be exerted.
4. Prolong the action time. In order to achieve the best moisturizing effect, it is best to prolong the action time of the conditioner. Leave it on the hair for at least 3-5 minutes, especially for dry hair for at least 5 minutes. If the time is short, it will be difficult for the nutrients and moisturizing ingredients to fully absorb Utilize.
5. Rinse well. After prolonging the action time, thoroughly rinse the conditioner in the hair with water. If conditioner is not rinsed out completely, it can leave hair greasy and heavy, losing its natural elasticity. Be gentle when rinsing to avoid hair damage.
6. Incremental use. If your hair is particularly dry, you can increase the amount of conditioner with each shampoo. Generally, normal hair uses about 6-8 grams each time, and dry hair can be increased to about 10 grams each time. But do not increase too much, so as not to cause the hair to be too oily.
7. Shampoo once every 1-2 weeks. In order to ensure the moisture and balance of the hair, it is generally recommended to shampoo every 7-15 days. Too frequent will exacerbate hair loss and damage, and too sparse will cause greasy scalp and hair. Finding an optimal balance cycle for your own hair is important.
To sum up, only by choosing suitable hair conditioner products and using them according to the correct method and steps can we achieve the ideal moisturizing hair care effect. To consider the actual situation of individual hair, flexible use, this is the essence of hair care.

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