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Disease prevention and health care that men need to know

Men are also faced with the threat of many common diseases, and attention should be paid to the prevention and early detection of diseases. The following are the prevention points for several common diseases in men:
Prostate diseases: Men after the age of 40 should have routine prostate examinations, regular measurement of PSA indicators and ultrasound monitoring. The diet should avoid excessive fat and red meat, and maintain a normal weight.
Impotence and premature ejaculation: Regular andrological examinations, routine sperm examinations if necessary. Avoid strenuous exercise or long-term riding, and treat problems as soon as possible.
AIDS and STDs: Practice safe sex and conduct regular virological examinations. Once the problem is found, it should be treated in time.
Hypertension and heart disease: Regularly measure blood pressure, blood lipids and heart-related indicators. Choose a healthy lifestyle, quit smoking and limit alcohol, and eat a low-salt, low-fat, low-calorie diet. To develop the habit of moderate exercise.
Tumors: focus on tumors in the digestive system, lungs, and genitourinary system, and regularly perform corresponding screening, ultrasound or CT examinations. Smoke-free, alcohol-free, nutritionally balanced lifestyle
The health threats that men face throughout their lives should not be underestimated, and attention should be paid to regular physical examinations and disease prevention. To choose a healthy lifestyle, improve bad habits, strengthen nutrition and exercise. Only by paying attention to one’s own health and finding problems early can one have a high-quality and longer life.

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